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Are eggs protein?

An egg is the casing and embryonic stage of an adult bird , amphibian or reptile ( some mammals and fish also lay eggs). Since the dawn of humanity, humans have been eating eggs (mainly poultry eggs). Eggs are very rich in proteins and Calcium. Eggs have become an essential part of the human diet and are usually eaten as breakfast dishes. Eggs can be cooked in a variety of ways including , frying ,boiling and even drunken raw in health shakes. The main reason why people eat eggs is for the protein it provides. so now you know that eggs do contain protein.

The History of Eggs

Since the beginning of modern and ancient history eggs have been used for Religious ( as a symbol of fertility and re-birth) and culinary purposes. The domestication of chickens have given humans the opportunity to nourish and enjoy themselves with the savoury taste of eggs. Ever since the beginning of modern history eggs have become a major part of many culinary dishes such as cakes and pancakes. It is most commonly used as the main or side dish for a variety of breakfast dishes.

health benefits of eggs

Eggs are a common and inexpensive source of protein. People usually incorporate eggs into their diets as a substitute for many different types of meats. Eggs are a major ingredient in many protein shapes as it is a protein rich source of food. More than half of the protein in a egg is found in the egg white . the egg white also contains lower amounts of fat than the yolk and includes Vitamin B2. Eggs are considered as a complete source of protein as they contain all nine essential amino acids. These amino acids are the ones we cannot make in our bodies , so we usually have to obtain them through our diet. Eggs are very healthy sources of protein and you should always try to eat an egg a day. A egg a day is the healthy way!

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