Challenges faced by the hearing impaired

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The challenges faced by the hearing impaired are numerous. sometimes they feel like they have no hope of ever being able to live a normal life. They are shunned by many because others sometimes, misunderstand them. The hearing impaired have limited access to education. It can be very difficult for them to learn under normal circumstances. They usually require special attention and teaching methods.

Challenges faced by the hearing impaired, Special education

Special education is education that is tailored for persons with disabilities. It can sometimes be difficult for the hearing impaired to learn in the classroom but sign language has helped to fix some of those problems. Schools have been set up in most countries for persons with physical, mental and learning disabilities. Hearing impaired student within these learning environments have access to special facilities and also teachers who are fluent at sign language. Their learning environment is tailored for their success.

Social Withdrawal

For persons with hearing impairments it can seem very difficult to socialize with others. This is due to the difficulty they have communicating with others. There are social intervention programs for people with disabilities . Social intervention programs find creative ways to get disabled persons engaged all over the globe. Places in Germany (and all across Europe) allow hearing impaired persons to express their artistic talents using sign-poetry (poetry using sign language). Programs like this help those within the disabled community to feel more welcome in society.

How can we help the Hearing Impaired?


Life can sometimes seem more difficult than normal for people with disabilities but there are ways in which we can make it better for them. We can try to create a friendly environment and try to make them feel more comfortable. The best way to do this is by making sign language a universal language and removing the difficulties caused by lack of communication. We can all change the World, one person at a time!

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