Devon House

Devon House is a historic Jamaican tourist attraction and hangout spot that is nestled on 26 Old Hope Road. It was built in 1881 by George Stiebel. He was the first black Millionaire in Jamaican history. Lovers of antiques will love the guided tours because Devon House is filled with antiques which range from Ornate Porcelain Chandeliers to mesmerizing paintings and photographs.

Devon House physical features and architecture

Devon House is the beautiful end product of an older, British style of architecture. The buildings that were built on the property are very strong and durable in nature but the also have a unique type of beauty going for them. The palms that surround the grounds of Devon house are apart of its signature landscaping and helps to greatly add to the beauty of the property. There is a courtyard out side of the Greathouse where benches that are meant to accommodate a man with a sword are located.

Stiebel managed to place a gambling room in the attic of the building. Tourists usually wonder the grounds in order to get a better glimpse of the beautiful property. The lawns of Devon house are luscious and green and are perfect for a picnic underneath the beautiful Kingston sunset. The trees provide the perfect shade for picnic blankets.

Foods and pastries

The Devon House grounds is home to a bakery and who could every forget the ice cream shop, which is home to some of the best ice cream in Jamaica and some even say in the World. The signature ice cream is served in a variety of flavours and many people come from all over the country just to sample the desert. The ice cream shop has a variety of flavours which are all sure to impress. Tours of the Great House include a free scoop of the World famous I-Scream.

The former carriage house and courtyard are home to several shops. Tourists and locals alike can stop by the souvenir shop to buy a variety of authentic Jamaican memorabilia and products. The Bakery is also situated in the courtyard and this bakery sells a variety of Jamaican pastries and baked goods such as patties, cakes and puddings. The unique style and texture of the patties make it a must sample pastry for tourists and locals alike. The patties may be worth a bit more than regular Jamaican patties but the price difference is worth it.


Devon House is deeply rooted in Jamaican culture and the location was has recently been made a UNESCO heritage site . George Stiebel is the owner original owner of the estate and he was also the first black Jamaican millionaire. He revolutionized the way black Jamaicans thought about wealth he showed us that no matter what our colour or class is as Jamaicans, we all can still achieve great things. The World famous I-Scream that is served at the Great house is considered to be one of the best tasting ice creams in the World by many persons.

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