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Diamond Jewellery

What is Diamond?

Diamond is a solid form of the element known as Carbon which is the sixth element on the periodic table (if you want to learn how to earn money fast selling old diamond jewellery click here). The atomic structure of Carbon becomes crystal whenever it becomes a substance called Diamond cubic. When at room temperature Carbon becomes another solid substance call graphite which is the chemically stable form of Carbon. Diamonds are incredibly rare and are the purest forms of transparent Carbon . They are usually formed under tremendous pressure and depth, typically about 150KM bellow the surface of the Earth. Diamonds are made and brought to the surface of the Earth in Volcanos ( special types of rocks called kimberlites usually contain diamonds). It can take up to 10 years to find a Kimberlite fragment and another 10 years to determine if it has enough Diamond deposit to become economically profitable (to find out how to make money on the stock market trading Diamond stock click here). Due to the fact that the atoms in Diamond are extremely rigid very few impurities can contaminate it with two exceptions being Boron and Nitrogen. Geologists often spend alot of time searching for and identifying potential sites that can be turned into Diamond mines. Diamond jewellery is the end product of most manufactured diamonds.

Top 10 Diamond companies in the World

10. Rockwell Diamonds

9. Anglo American PLC

8. Gem Diamonds

7. Petra Diamonds

6. Lucara

5. Dominion Diamond Corp.

4. Debswana Diamond Company, Ltd

3. Rio-Tinto Diamonds

2. Alrosa

  1. De Beers

Diamond Jewellery

Diamond can be used in a variety of jewellery pieces including ; rings , ear rings , necklaces , chains , watches and bracelets . The quality of the diamond usually determines the pricing of these items. It’s a very difficult process to tell the quality of diamonds that are within a jewellery piece. In the jewellery business it can be very tricky to determine the quality of a diamond piece and some jewellers take advantage of this by lying about the quality Diamond within their jewellery , in order to earn extra money.

Diamond quality

The quality of a Diamond is determined by its clarity and how many impurities that Diamond has the grading system for diamond quality and this is how it is determined.

VVS- Very Very small inclusions (Diamond clarity inclusions rated VVS are not visible at all under 10x magnification). These diamonds are the most expensive usually costing thousands of USD.

VS- Very Small inclusions (diamond clarity inclusions are just barely visible under 10x magnification).These cheaper than VVS diamonds but still usually cost over a thousand USD.

SI- small inclusions ( Clarity inclusions are easily found with a standard jeweller’s loupe at 10x magnification.). These are not very expensive diamonds costing a few hundred dollars.

I – inclusions (clarity inclusions are even more obvious and clearly seen than SI). The cheapest types of diamonds usually costing a few hundred USD.


Always try to buy what is within your price range while focusing on the more important qualities like the cut quality of the Diamond within the jewellery. Most celebrities go for VVS diamonds as it is the least flawless. Thank you for reading and if you need more information feel free to visit other blog posts like How To make money in real estate and How to start a online business and make money as these are valuable tools that can teach you how to earn money in the Covid-19 pandemic.

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