Dunn’s River Falls Jamaica

Dunn’s River Falls is a famous Jamaican waterfall nestled near Ocho Rios, Jamaica . It is a major Caribbean tourist attraction because of its natural beauty. The Waterfall is a World heritage site and attracts thousands of visitors every year due to its popularity as an attraction. The waterfall is around 180 feet high and 600 feet long while also having the look of a giant stair case. The staircase design was naturally formed except for the inclusion of a few man made improvements. The falls meet with the Caribbean sea at the westward end of the white sand beach.

Tourism at Dunn’s River Falls Jamaica

The climbing of the waterfall is a commonly popular tourist activity. Most waterfall climbing activities are usually aided by a guide. It takes approximately a little over an out to climb with short breaks an occasional photos taken by guides. Stairs are also alongside the falls for those who don’t want to get wet or just want a easier way to the top. The falls is bordered by lush , green vegetation. The climb can be relatively hard so it is usually done while holding hands and being lead by a guide. The shade provided by the vegetation usually helps with keeping climbers cool while the climb the falls. Dunn’s River Falls is a very beautiful tourist attraction within Jamaica.

History of Dunn’s River falls

The waterfall was the location where Battle Las Chorreras took place in the year 1957 . This was when the British fought and were victorious against a Spanish expeditionary force that came to the island from Cuba. The Jamaican Historic Society placed a plaque at the bottom of the falls to commemorate this event.

Physical features

Dunn’s River is a short stream which drops at around 180 ft from its source to the sea. It is supplied by spring water that is rich in Calcium Carbonate and also contains deposits of travertine which form a sequence of tufa terraces. Geologists describe Dunn’s River and its falls as a “living phenomenon” because the sediment is the spring water will continue to rebuild the waterfall as it ages. Dunn’s River Falls remains one of Jamaica’s heritage rich sites and will most likes still be existent for generations to come.

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