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Alot of people are looking to make extra money to supplement their income. A side hustle is any part time job that allows you to earn extra money other than the amount you get from your regular 9-5.There are many side hustle ideas ,some of which can make you a fortune if you invest enough time and effort into them. A side hustle can stem from anything. It could be a talent or a hobby , most skills that we possess can be monetized. These tips will turn you into a true side hustler!

1.Bloging– The internet is a vast network that connects many individuals all over the World. A blogger is anyone that owns a website or webpage that is primarily dedicated to sharing information or ideas about general topics or issues that exists in our day to day lives. Once you create a blog there are many ways in which you can earn from it such as ; premium content, donations or site monetization.

2.Freelance writing– Being a freelance writer requires exceptional writing skills and a great understanding of whatever language you are hired to write in. There are many websites that facilitate freelance writers.

3.Freelance Graphics Designing– Becoming a Freelance Graphics Designer requires that you have exceptional artistic and graphics designing skills. There are many platforms online through which freelance design opportunities can be accessed.

4. Affiliate marketing– A affiliate marketer is a person who sells/advertises goods or services that are owned by a company or individual in order to earn a commission. Affiliate marketers use platforms like Clickbank in order to access the products that they promote on their website or social media pages and in turn earn a commission when those goods or services are sold or in some cases when the affiliate links are clicked on.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing tactic in which a retailer, typically an online one, rewards a website with a commission for each customer referred via the website’s promotional activities. The website, often called an affiliate, will only get paid when their promotion results in a transaction.

Who are the affiliates?

An affiliate, also known as a publisher, can be an individual or a company. Typically, these are other bloggers or content creators operating in the industry of the product they are creating. They help promote the product or service by creating content like blog posts, videos, or other media. They can also promote their content to get transactions by putting up ads, capturing search traffic from SEO, or building an email list. When one of their visitors creates a transaction, which could be a purchase or submitting a lead form, the affiliate gets a commission. How much commission is structured depends on the affiliate program terms.

Who are the merchants?

A merchant, also known as the product creator or advertiser, is typically the creator of the product or services. They offer revenue sharing and commissions to people or other companies (affiliates), which have a significant following on their brand.The merchant can be a company like HubSpot, which offers a commission to every affiliate who’s able to get their visitors to make a purchase.

Or it can be an individual like Pat Flynn, who offers an affiliate program with his podcasts. The merchants can be anyone from a solopreneur to a big company, as long as they are willing to pay their affiliates to help them gain a transaction. Sometimes the merchant does not even have to be the product creator, as in the case of the Amazon Associates Program.

Who are the affiliate networks?

An affiliate network acts as an intermediary between the merchants and their affiliates. In some cases, a network is not necessary, but some companies choose to work with a network to add a layer of trust. The network manages the relationship and provides third-party checks and balances. Third-party checks can be important because they bring down fraud rates. Some popular networks include ClickBank and ShareASale.

5. Fiverr Freelancer– Fiverr is a website where many different types of freelancers offer theirs services in exchange for money. Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services where individuals or companies can go to find freelancers with a skill that suits their needs, and it is considered a “micro-task” site, where you can do relatively quick, small one-off tasks which they call “gigs.”

6.Coding and web design- The coding industry is a booming industry and coders and web designers are always in high demand. Freelancers in the industry earn a good amount of money for every job they complete.

7.Walk Dogs in your neighbourhood– depending on the country you are living in some people actually hire dog sitters whenever they are away from home to take care of their four legged companions.

8.Reselling Gift Cards That have a balance– Have some gift cards laying around? Well you could get money by selling these gift cards to people or even by selling them online.

9.Offering Consulting Services– Consulting is a great way of making extra cash . Alot of companies or individuals are in need of a second opinion and are willing to pay others for their opinions and expertise.

10.Write A eBook and Sell It On Amazon– A eBook or Electronic-Book is a digital copy of a book that can be delivered or downloaded online . You can write an eBook about any topic you choose. Once you are finished writing your book you can sell it on Amazon and earn from it over time.

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