How To Eat Healthy and Wholesome Foods

What is eating healthy?

Eating healthy is all about putting strict limitations on the ‘unhealthy’ foods we eat and choosing to practice more healthy eating habits. Try to have some self control whenever you are on a diet and always remind yourself that all unhealthy foods have a healthier alternative .This is the secret on how to eat healthy. Eating healthy is not about depriving or starving yourself, it is about feeling great , being energetic and enjoying the foods you eat. When dieting, always try to make a plan and stick to it. Pick the unhealthy foods you love and try to replace them with healthier alternatives. Replacing unhealthy foods with similar and healthier alternatives will help to ease your unhealthy cravings. For info on a fruit which can be beneficial to your health click here. After reading this article you should have an idea of how to eat healthy and wholesome foods.

How to eat healthy and wholesome foods from all the food groups

In order to eat healthy you first need to have a balanced meal from all the 5 food groups. This is the key to a successful diet . Each food group literally brings something to the table that our bodies wouldn’t , otherwise be able to do without. Ensure that you eat foods from these food groups in balanced servings as too much of one is never good for our health. Bellow is a list of all the food groups and how they help the body:

  1. Legumes – This food group consists of mainly nuts and peas
  2. Food From Animals – consists of products such as milk , butter and lard which all come from animals
  3. proteins – mainly consists of meats which have medium to high protein content like beef and goat meat
  4. Starchy foods- starchy foods are foods with high starch content such as rice, potatoes and wheats
  5. Fruits and vegetables- Vegetables are usually plants or parts of plants that are used for food and fruits are usually the sweet and fleshy products of a tree or other flowering plant

Legumes are low in fat, contain no cholesterol and have a high Iron and Magnesium content .They also contain some proteins which makes them a great substitute for some meats. Foods from Animals are usually foods like milk , butter and which are usually high in fat or protein content. Protein usually comes from meat and helps to strengthen certain parts of the body. Starchy foods give the body energy for completing daily tasks. Last but not least Fruits and Vegetables are usually high in vitamin and mineral content respectively which helps with various processes within the body.

what should you be eating?

Try to eat a balanced diet with a mixture of foods from all the food groups. Try to eat these foods in the right servings. There are many places on the internet that can guide you in measuring the right serving sizes for the dishes you eat. Try to substitute sweet foods with fruits an starches that may help to lesson your sheet tooth. Find creative ways to add fruits and vegetables to your diet instead of eating sweets.

I hope you were informed and I also hope that this has helped you in making the choice to eat healthy. To learn about the Health benefits of Garlic click here.

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