How to Start a business in the U.S.A as a none-resident


The United States economy is highly regarded by many as one of the strongest economies in the World. When starting a business in the U.S.A as a none resident there are a few procedures that must be fulfilled. There are no special requirement for starting a business in the U.S.A . You don’t have to be a Citizen , have a Green Card or even be physically located in the country to start a business entity there. The difference is that being able to start a business in The United States is not the same as being able to work or earn an income in the United States. You have to be a resident or have a permit in order to be able to work within the U.S.A. This article is to teach you how to start a business in the U.S.A as a none-resident.

Steps in starting a business

  1. write your business plan- before getting started with any business you first need to write a business plan
  2. Fund your business- create a budget for your business for at least the first financial year of it’s existence or until it can fund itself
  3. pick a physical location for your business– Very important as it pertains to what demographic you are looking to target
  4. choose the best available name for your business– A good business name usually captures your spirit and tells customers the purpose of your business. It is very important that you check if the name you choose is already taken
  5. choose the structure that you wish for your business to be in– there are a few business structures so think carefully when choosing
  6. register your business– register your business in order for it to become apart of the legal system and also get certain benefits like tax wavers ect…
  7. Get the IDs required for federal and state taxes– Tax IDs are very important for businesses as they allow you to file for taxes, get tax exemptions (depending on federal and state laws) and accept tax returns for your business but not all states require a business tax ID

What does it take to start a U.S based business?

There are certain permissions needed to start . Creating a business that is based in the U.S can help as it relates to getting a work permit or American Citizenship. It is advised that before seeking to start a business within the U.S that you first seek a work permit as this would allow you to have a better idea of things like where you desire to setup your business. The United States has 50 States and depending on each one the business and tax laws may vary. Remember to write a business plan and seek help if possible as these things are very important. So now you know how to start a business in the U.S.A as a none-resident Always remember success is a mindset so visualize your goals and they will be manifested.

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