Is Europe a country?

Even though Europe is not a country it is a continent which contains 44 countries. A continent is described as any of the World’s continuous expansions of land mass. Europe is a continent with a vast history and it has had many empires and civilizations throughout history. Europe is a continent that is very rich in history and ethnic diversity. It is the sixth largest continent and has a population of around 741.4 million people , which was last recorded in the year 2016.

Some popular countries located in Europe

When we think of Europe a few popular countries like The United Kingdom, Spain and France come to mind. The British empire has been one of the largest empires throughout history . The French are known for their infrastructure and cuisine and Spain is most commonly known for their explorers who have discovered many countries throughout history. Europe has contributed to World history in many different ways and continues to be a powerhouse for trade and commerce. Other countries like Netherlands and Germany also have a rich plethora of history and culture. Europe remains a rich treasure-trove of history and culture due to its diverse nations. So now you know that Europe is not a country but it is a continent.

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