The health benefits of medicinal Marijuana

Before you read this Infoblog would like to make clear that the health views of this website should not replace medical advice or be used as medical advice . That is solely the duty of a doctor or health practitioner.The health benefits of medicinal Marijuana are vast. Medicinal Marijuana is one of the most controversial medical drugs/plants in medical history. The health benefits of medicinal Marijuana are said to be innumerable as there are over 400 chemicals in Marijuana and the medical applications of these chemicals are being studied and discovered by scientists over time. Marijuana is also used for Religious and recreational purposes but we will only be looking at the medical uses. Cannabis can be found in various forms and its health benefits are always growing.

Some Of The health benefits of medicinal Marijuana

Medicinal Marijuana is said to contain properties that could be able to help in fighting Cancer. There is good proof that cannabinoids could either be able to fight Cancer or contain types of it. Cannabis is good at regulating Insulin and as a result of this, it is also able to regulate or even prevent Diabetes. CBD has conducted research which shows that Cannabis can help in controlling seizures. Studies continue in an effort to find the effect that Cannabis has on patients with Epilepsy. Cannabis also helps to reduce the side effects that are associated with Hepatitis C and also helps to increase the effectiveness of its treatment. Finally, Marijuana is said to be a major cause of anxiety but when taken in small and controlled dosages it is said to help with calming people down.

Types Of Medicinal Cannabis

There are a few types of Medicinal Cannabis that serve different purposes. The dosage of these types vary based on each type.

  1. Sativa- This is a strain of medicinal Cannabis which is more suitable for boasting physical activities as it mainly has cerebral effects. It is believed to be great for fighting depression, increasing creativity and energizing the body.
  2. Indica- Indica strains are said to be more suitable for stress relief and promoting relaxation since they are believed to provide a sedating effect. This is a very strong form of Cannabis. It is said to help in relieving body pain, relaxes muscles and reduces seizures.
  3. Hybrid- This contains the best of both Worlds as it provides both Indica and Sativa strains. Hybrids usually signify the combination of seeds from various geographical locations and as a result is very diverse in its usage.

Medical Marijuana continues to be a well disputed and discussed topic within the medical community. It is believed, by some that it does more harm than good to the body but others have come up with counter-claims that the chemicals contained within the plant could bring forth a medical revolution in the combating of of various medical conditions and illnesses. The only issue with Marijuana seems to be the regulation and overall policing of the purposes in which it is used for.

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